Adam Seewald

About me

About me

Hi 👋! I am a Postdoc at Yale University's GRAB Lab, where I investigate robotic applications involving ground and aerial robots. My research focuses on robotics and computer science and involves autonomous robots in different environmental use cases.

I did my Ph.D. work (2022) in robotics at the Unmanned Aerial Systems Center at the University of Southern Denmark with Professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz, where I developed simultaneous path planning and task scheduling for the Opterra drone, an aerial robot for precision agriculture. I have been researching different techniques for this, including periodic modeling, data-driven control, and coverage planning.

I got my M.Sc. (2018) in computer science at the Altair Robotics Lab at the University of Verona in Italy with Professor Paolo Fiorini, where I studied obstacle avoidance and trajectory generation using indirect methods for quadrotors.


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I grew up in western Slovakia, bouncing between Bratislava and Sasinkovo, a small winemakers' village less than an hour's drive from the capital. Outside of my work, I love outdoor activities such as open water swimming, hiking, cycling, and running.

News 📢

Great news: we will be showcasing RB5, our low-cost explorer, and uninterrupted autonomous exploration with ergodic search at ICRA'24 in Yokohama 🇯🇵!
Our paper on the TeamPlay project that deals with energy/time/security tradeoffs for different use cases including UAVs is out!
We will be presenting our work on planning-scheduling for aerial robots at IROS'22 later today!
I will be starting my Postdoc at the GRAB Lab at Yale tomorrow!